About the program

The purpose of this program is to assist those who wish to improve their kavanah in tefilah but who, for a variety of reasons, have been unable to make significant improvements and who still struggle with lack of kavanah and perhaps even a lack of feeling for tefilah as a result.

The process will be a simple one, involving only a few minutes a WEEK of new time invested to focus on one particular segment of tefilah each week. Resources will be made available weekly. The materials will be based on sources, concisely but powerfully presented, and will allow you to personally adapt them in a way that you find motivating. We anticipate the weekly focus will:

  • bring us closer to dveikus with Hashem.
  • bring us closer to understanding that we are totally dependent on Hashem: ALL is in His Power.

These are in fact the purposes of tefilah.

Since we are all davening in any case, we will have the opportunity all week to review, think more deeply about, and adapt the concepts set forth in the current weekly focus segment. We also hope this program will encourage you to independently find your own resources on the week's focus and to engage in discussions with others to gain additional insights into the focus segment.

We are not suggesting that anyone ignore the rest of tefilah. The rest of tefilah should certainly continue with the same efforts as they have until now. We are simply suggesting an increased focus on a particular segment each week, spending more time and focus when saying those parts. Eventually, with Hashem's help and through a committed and consistent effort, we will begin to see tefilah come alive. We will look back, b'ezras Hashem, as with any consistent and steady growth, and be amazed and overwhelmed at the change in our tefilos and in our connection with Hashem as a result.